Announcement for the First Day of April

I have a totally real and not-at-all joke announcement to make today, a Saturday! Let this post serve as official notice that I am launching a sequel series to Poop Office that will continue forever and ever. I’m probably going to spend all my free time on this new series and won’t have time for much of anything else even. Yes, this is all true, and today is April 1.

Surely over the years you will look back fondly on this day, April 1, as the first day of your love affair with this perennial series that only ended with my death. Enjoy the first four installments.

Poopert in Hell #1


Poopert in Hell #2


Poopert in Hell #3


Poopert in Hell #4

200th Comic Strip Celebration (plus a new comic strip logo)!!

It’s 2017, so I thought it was time to make a change. I never really had any kind of name or branding for my comic strips, just referring to them as “comic strips.” But I’ve decided they’re no longer just generic comic strips. From this point forward, they will be known as…

Sticks Figure Comic Strips

If that wasn’t amazing enough, I also just finished drawing my 200th comic strip. Er, I mean my 200th Sticks Figure comic strip! I wanted to do something special for such an important milestone, so I drew a sequel to one of my first comics ever — Hammer: King of the Metal Tools, a thrilling, organized crime drama set in a world where people are tools and, instead of flesh, their skin is made out of metal, like tools are. The first comic came out in 1999. I’d always intended it to be a series, but I got distracted. Before we get to Hammer: King of the Metal Tools #2, let’s refresh your memory by looking at the original:

Hammer: King of the Metal Tools #1

Want to know what happens next? You’re in luck! Instead of waiting 17 years like people in 1999 had to, you can just scroll down a little bit more. Go on! Scroll!

Hammer: King of the Metal Tools #2

What a cliffhanger! What’s going to happen to their little screwdriver kid? And is Hammer going to let Saw get away with not paying him what he’s owed? Will Wrench ever forgive her husband for bringing this chaos into their home? All these questions and more may be answered in the next episode of Hammer: King of the Metal Tools, tentatively scheduled for release in 2034.

Big Announcement – Bowel Movement Movement

Normally Poop Office makes an appearance in Baltimore Comic-Con‘s Artist Alley, but it was mysteriously absent this past September. What’s going on?!

Well, to put it simply, I moved from the DC/Baltimore area way out to Southern California! With all the stress and commotion of the move, there just wasn’t time to plan for the con this year.

Poop Office Bowel Movement Movement

Poop Office is on the move!

Now that the poops and I are settled in this crazy new state, I have tons of stuff in the works for Poop Office. Here are some highlights:

  • For those still back in Maryland, Poop Office will be attending the Baltimore Comic-Con in 2017. We love that show so much, all the poops are going to pack into an airplane and fly out!
  • For those on the west coast, I’m looking into reserving tables at conventions in the area. So if you ever find yourself in Long Beach, AnaheimSan Jose, San Diego, or maybe even Portland and Seattle, you just might run into some poop in 2017 or 2018. I’ll put updates here and on my social media pages as plans firm up.
  • With six issues of Poop Office out, I am hard at work on the Poop Office collected edition! It’s currently planned to be about 200 pages with tons of extras and bonus content including some Poop Office comics that never appeared online or in any of the comic book issues. I’m hoping to have it all done and for sale at 2017’s Baltimore Comic-Con. And like the comic book issues, the print edition will be in beautiful black & white while the digital version will be in full color.
  • In addition to all that, I have several (early) plans for more comics and related merchandise in the Poop Office universe, but it’s too early to talk about all that.

If any of you are on the west coast and know of some great shows that would be a good fit for Poop Office, please contact me by email or Twitter and let me know!




Want to know about an easter egg in the image above that only I care about? I spent about three months in 2015 fixing up the homemade font I use for all my comics, and this is the first chance I’ve gotten to use it! Notice how much cleaner and fancier it looks than the old ugly font used in all my other comics? Probably not. But I do!!

Awesome Con DC 2016 Aftermath!

Awesome Con DC was two weeks ago! I’m a little late on this one, but cut me some slack. I had a lot to recover from, including this awesome fan art (which put me in the same company as Tom King, Franco, and Sam Ellis!). I also got to do two T-shirt sketches (those are drawings on T-shirts, not of T-shirts), which is a first.

Poop Office Fan Art

What wasn’t a first was hearing lots of interesting stuff at the table! So without further ado, here’s the greatest hits. There are a lot, but that’s just because people are very talkative in Washington, DC.

  • Oh, it’s actually a comic.
  • Somebody needed to do this.
  • I am not embarrassed to say that I want to buy these.
  • Kid: Can I get one of these? Mom: Seriously?
  • It is poop. And it’s beautiful.
  • (Explaining why the plush dolls shouldn’t have happy expressions) Could you imagine a smiling poop? Look in the toilet and it’s smiling back at you? That’s like something out of Stephen King.
  • Poop! (Caresses the catnip toys) Precious poop!
  • ¡Mierda!
  • (To his friend) This is where I got the poop plushie you see me cuddling with all the time.
  • This is wrong. This is just wrong! Ugh, I just…
  • Me: You can look through the comics if you like. Kid: Eh.
  • (Mother talking to her child) It’s poop acting like people. That’s called “personification.”
  • This actually makes me want to go to the bathroom.
  • Husband: It’s poop. Wife (deadpan): Yeah, I know.
  • My brother texted me and said, “Get me a poop action figure.” What is that?
  • I have great respect for you people.
  • (Regarding the poop action figures) Eww, they’ve been up somebody’s butt! (Not actually true)
  • You guys have poop action figures? Oh my gawd!
  • If I got one of these [plush dolls] for Christmas I could sleep better at night!
  • (Picks up a poop action figure with a blank expression drawn on it) This one, it captures my soul.
  • (Little kid) Why are you doing a comic about poop?!
  • Babe, I want a turd!
  • It’s a potato!
  • Fecal matter is everywhere.
  • Poop Office! Yay! (Begins clapping their hands)
  • (Looking at the “#2 Boss” mug) Hashtag two boss.
  • (Looks at cover of issue #4) Mom: Eww, the water’s yellow. Kid: Yeah, because it’s pee.
  • I’m pretty sure if I got something like this for my husband he would get in trouble at work.
  • This is the poop center.
  • Your booth made me laugh in the best way possible.

And now for the specialty categories!

Signs that Poop Office is famous:
  • This is funny from last year.
  • Here’s the poop table!
  • I’m so excited the poop people are here!
  • This is the poop man.
  • Poop Office is famous. Everyone is talking about it.
Most Creative Award (using Poop Office products to insult each other):
  • Person #1: (Points to one of the poop button and says to friend) This is you! Person #2: (Points to issue #2) This is your mom! (Person #1 points to plush) This is your brother!
Most Self-Aware Award:
  • Guy: I appreciate this. Me: I appreciate you appreciating this. Guy again: You’d probably appreciate me more if I bought something. (He didn’t buy anything)
Most Educational Award (for teaching me that calling someone an egg is a thing):
  • We need to throw this at [our friend] when he’s being an egg.
All Around Winner Award:
  • (Regarding the action figures marked as free) Does this pay any dollars?

In case you’re wondering, no the free poop action figures you can pick up at our convention appearances do not pay any dollars. But they are free.

AwesomeCon DC 2016 – Table M8

AwesomeCon DC

It’s that time of year again — AwesomeCon DC time!
Me and the poops are going to be in Artist Alley at table M8.
I think we’re right next to the Geek Balloonist.

Here’s a map to help you find your way to our table.
Notice how I crossed out “awesome” and wrote in “poop”?
That’s kind of cute, right? I did that with my mouse.

Poop Office Table M8