Los Angeles Comic Con 2019 Debriefed

Our table at the Los Angeles Comic Con 2019

Everyone told me the Los Angeles Comic Con was one of the big ones in the area, and they were right! The entire supporting cast of the Office was there! We met a lot of people this past weekend and sold plenty of poop. Let’s get right into some highlights!

I got some wonderful photos and a video from one happy customer, Kitty Girl, who received one of our Poop Office catnip toys. Big thanks to her owner, who let us post these!

Kitty Girl the cat enjoying a Poop Office catnip toy

Kitty Girl the cat enjoys her new catnip toy

As usual, people had a lot to say about Poop Office (usually after they were done shaking their heads in disgust). Here are some of the most quotable comments:

  • (Parent tells their young son that our table is “his station.” He shakes his head as he says…) Too poopy. 
  • Is this the epitome of poop jokes?
  • (After paying through the collected editionIs this just non-stop poop puns?
  • I don’t know what’s happening, but it’s great.
  • This poop looks like it’s taking a poop.
  • Yes! Yes! Do you understand? This is my life.
  • Free poop action figure? I don’t think I should touch it.
  • (To his wife) This is a comic book about you.
  • This is not even a metaphor. You walk into work and this is what you see.
  • (Paging through the collected edition) You do not have an office map! Shut up!
  • I don’t know how poop has gotten cool this century. But seriously, we elected it.
  • (Coughs and chokes) I just laughed so hard, I’m choking!
  • What are these poopies? Poopy poo poop poop poo!
  • I’m sorry, what? 
  • This is very very smart.

Our poop is often mistaken for other things, usually food items or Pokemon.

  • Oh, no. That’s not a potato.
  • These are not poop; they’re onions! 
  • (Pointing at one of the catnip toys) That looks like the little 7-Eleven guy. [Ben: I don’t actually know what this means. I must be out-of-touch with current 7-Eleven lore.]

My favorite moment of the convention was not very quotable, but it was very cute. There was one kid who managed to get an advance on her allowance to buy the collected edition. I draw a super nice poop in her copy to make it worth it! I hope she liked the book!

The MVP of this con was our new convertible hand truck. We’ve been loading and unloading using one regular hand truck/dolly and a crappy fold-up one. We’re not getting any younger, and with the amount of books and merchandise we’re now bringing to these shows, being able to bring along a fairly compact push-cart was a life- (and back-) saver!

Convertable hand truck

And that’s all I got! Big thanks to everyone who stopped by the table!

This is probably the last convention appearance of Poop Office for 2019. I’ll have some news about new Poop Office comics or merchandise coming soon! I just have to get off my ass and make it.

Los Angeles Comic Con 2019

Artist Alley Table C28

Poop Office is going to be appearing at the Los Angeles Comic Con for the first time ever this weekend! We’ll be in Artist Alley at Table C28. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this con, so I’m looking forward to seeing it firsthand.

If that isn’t exciting enough, the Wednesday after the con (October 16) is Boss’s Day! If you’re looking for the perfect give for your boss, look now further than the popular #2 Boss mug! Take a look at a preview image along with full mug design below.#2 Boss Preview Image

#2 Boss mug full design

Of course, we’ll also have all the regular Poop Office comics and merchandise including the massive Poop Office Collection (at a reduced convention price!) and the new Super Pooper magnet frames.

If you’re at the Los Angeles Comic Con this weekend, please stop by and say hello! See you there!

L.A. Comic Con - October 11-13, 2019 - Los Angeles Convention Center

WonderCon Anaheim 2019 Debriefed

I used to call these after-con reports “Aftermaths”, but I figured I need a less mature title for them. So now I’m going with “Debriefed.” Y’know, like briefs, the underwear. Underwear -> butts -> poop. It works!

I also usually get these things out earlier, but it was a tough week at work and I didn’t have any time until now. Well, I guess I had time yesterday on Saturday, but I was lazy.

WonderCon Anaheim 2019 Poop Office table

As I was saying, last weekend was WonderCon, and it was the first time Poop Office had ever appeared at WonderCon. It was a ton of fun meeting everyone, and we plan on being there again in 2020. The new magnetic picture frames premiered at the show and got some laughs. The #2 Boss mugs were a surprise hit, and we sold so many that I have to buy some more before our next show! We had some great table neighbors including Puna Press and Cartoons for Goons. I also got to chat with Charlie Stickney, writer of White Ash, about his upcoming plans for this very successful independent comic book series. He’s got a Kickstarter ending in a few days, and I recommend everyone check it out here.

I know why you’re all here, though. You want to know what WonderCon attendees had to say about Poop Office! Well, wait no more. This being our first big Southern California show, we got a lot of comments. Let’s get to it!

  • You are doing God’s work.
  • I’ve never seen poop drawn like this before. It’s like meatloaf.
  • My poops do not look like that. I wish. I wish!
  • (Child to his brother, who is considering buying two poop toys) You don’t need two poops. You can produce your own.
  • Did you really make these butts?
  • Never thought I’d see so many turds at one time!
  • That’s some interesting shit you’ve got here, pardon my French.
  • Okay, I’ll bite. It’s too weird not to!
  • Aww (makes a cute facial expression) I want the poop baby.
  • (Points at the toilet mug full of poop action figures) I think your toilet’s backed up.
  • (Mother to child, who seems disturbed by all the poop products) This makes you uncomfortable? Why?
  • These are too cute, but they’re poop, y’know?
  • This is so crass (said as a compliment about the Brown Coffee mug)
  • Child in a stroller: Don’t let me touch that, Mom!
  • Oh I get it. Instead of “#1 Boss” it’s “#2 Boss” because it’s poop!
  • (Looking at the pee-pee cooler on the cover of Poop Office #4Daddy, guess what they drink! They drink urine!
  • (Talking to friend while pointing at poop plush doll) Hey, I found your twin!
  • Did you say, “compooter”? That’s genius.
  • (Touching a poop plush doll) That texture is so horrifying. It’s like a train wreck. I can’t look away.
  • At last something that appeals to my needs.
  • Thank you for the fine number two work.
  • This booth is totally the shit.
  • (Child pointing at a poop plush doll) There’s a ginormous poopoo.
  • See, there’s a market for anything.
  • Our table-neighbor, creator of Cartoons for Goons: Everybody likes poop, especially toilets. 
  • Our table-neighbors from Puna Press as we were packing after the show ended on Sunday: You better clean this shit up! 
  • Poop is so in right now. I’ve been seeing it everywhere.

The “Nailed It” award goes to…

The award for “Nicest compliment” goes to…

  • I like your poo-poo head!

And probably my favorite comment, or question in this case, from the show goes to…

  • So this is supposed to emulate actual fecal elements?

That’s it! Pretty fun, huh? If you can’t make it to one of our convention appearances, you should know that I try to post photos and jokes on my Instagram and Twitter accounts during the show. I need to try to post more on the Facebook page, too, but for now I’m at least going to try and post a photo gallery like this one after the convention is over.

As for our next convention, I think it’s going to be the Los Angeles Comic Con in October. I haven’t attended this one yet, but I keep hearing good things about it. More news when I have it!

Until next time… Keep Poopin’!


WonderCon Anaheim 2019

Poop Office will be at WonderCon March 29-31 at table SP-25

Poop Office is making its WonderCon premiere this weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center! We’re going to be set up in the Small Press section at table SP-25. We’ll have tons of comics, mugs, plush dolls, catnip toys, and the usual merchandise available for sale. The digital comics I sell usually come on CD, but this year you’ll have the option of buying them on a USB drive instead. Of course, digital comics are always available through my online store or ComiXology.

In addition, we have redesigned tote bags and a completely new piece of merchandise that’ll premiere right at the show. To find out more about this new merchandise, click the image below!

Super Pooper Award - Magnetic Photo Frame

If you find yourself in the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend, please stop by table SP-25 and say hello!

WonderCon 2019 March 29-31

New Merchandise – The Super Pooper Award

Every once in a while, the poops at Poop Office like to give credit where credit is doo and reward their empooyees with some show of recognition and encouragement. To accomplish this, they brought their greatest butts together and created what’s now known as the Super Pooper Award.

But now this award is available for purchase, so everyone can acknowledge and honor the Super Poopers in their own lives with this brand new magnetic photo frame available now!

Super Pooper Award - Magnetic Photo Frame

Simply remove the middle portion and place the frame over a 5×7 or 4×6 photo on any magnetic surface (like a fridge) to show off your own Super Pooper. The middle portion can then be displayed separately to honor the original Super Pooper and star of Poop Office, Poopert!

This item can be purchased through my online store, Etsy, or this weekend at WonderCon!

Comic Con Revolution Ontario 2018 Aftermath!

Last weekend came and went, but that’s how it goes in bustling Ontario, California. Comic Con Revolution was super long, though. I think Saturday it went for 10 hours! That’s a new record for sitting in one spot even for me. It was fun, though! Lots of new people to meet and some interesting new experiences to be had.

For example, a Dalek stole one of our Poop Office catnip toys.

Dalek steals a poop

Defecate! Defecate! (I didn’t think of yelling this until after the Dalek left our table, but still)

Another fun event involved the free Poop Office action figures we always give out at our table.

Poop Office action figures

As you can see, they all have different facial expressions drawn on. Kids (and sometimes adults) love to dig through the toilet and pick out their favorite expression. Well, one kid saw these and decided he had to have one of each, so he dug through and had a handful of probably eight or nine. I know we have more facial expressions than that, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him. Maybe he thought they’d be valuable one day. Or he just had that obsessive collector gene we’re all familiar with. He discovered something he’d never heard of before and had to have all of it!

And while usually we only let people walk away with one or two, I let him keep the handful. Don’t get any ideas, though! This was a one-time thing because I was so amused! You only get more than one or two action figures if you amuse me!

The action figures are usually pretty popular, but I think they were an even bigger hit at this convention. We even got some nice comments about them.

  • (Looking at their chosen poop action figure) This is my spirit poop.
  • (To his friend, who was choosing a poop action figure) Now when your mom asks you what you did at the con, you can say you took a poop.

Here’s what Ontarians had to say about the rest of our crap.

  • It’s free poop. Take it!
  • (Holding a catnip toy) Big nugget! (Holding a plush doll) Biggest nugget!
  • Mom: It’s poop. Daughter: But why?
  • That’s not a potato.
  • Oh my gosh! (Raises hands and looks up to the sky) Really?!
  • How did you make poop so cute?
  • Oh my gosh, so many puns!
  • This is the happiest thing I’ve seen all day.
  • (Husband to wife, who was loving our table) This is why I don’t take you places.
  • At least it ain’t superheroes.
  • Wait until you show your momma. I can’t wait until you show your momma!
  • This makes me want to take a shower right now.
  • You’ve got gold here, my friend.

That’s all for this con report. Until next time, keep poopin’!

Coming to Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, CA this weekend!

Comic Con Revolution Ontario - May 19-20

Did you know that both Canada and California have a city named Ontario? And the abbreviation for both Canada and California is CA. So if someone tells you, “Hey, I’m going to be in Ontario, CA this weekend,” you better ask them to clarify whether they mean the Ontario in Canada or California.

We’re going to be in Ontario, CA this weekend! The one in California! It’s not just for fun, though. We’re bringing all our Poop Office crap with us to Comic Con Revolution from May 19-20. We’ll be at in Artist Alley at table O3. That’s O for Ontario (the one in California). Look, there’s a nice map and everything if you scroll down.

I’ve heard a ton of great stuff about this show. It’s only in its second year, but it made enough of a good impression last year that everyone seems to be super psyched for its return. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Comic Con Revolution Artist Alley Table 03

Long Beach Comic Expo 2018 Aftermath

The beach may be long, but this weekend seemed really short. What am I talking about? The Long Beach Comic Expo that just happened this past weekend! It seemed to go by quickly. It was in Long Beach, California. I was trying to make a joke, but forget it.

Long Beach Comic Expo

Alright, let’s just get to this. As the first California convention for Poop Office, we were looking forward to hearing what Californians think of this crappy comic. We weren’t disappointed. The first person that approached the table on Saturday morning just gave us a traditional “Duuuude!” Here are some highlights from the rest of the weekend.

  • Shouldn’t there be different color poops? This is healthy, though.
  • I don’t even know the story and it already sounds great.
  • (Pointing at the poop action figures we give out in a mug shaped like a toilet bowl) Look, it’s the Cleveland Browns in the Super
  • I want a poop! Wow, I said that out loud.
  • (Little girl) I’d be able to work there. I smell like poop all the time!
  • (Pointing at poop) Mom, it’s you!
  • You can’t help but giggle when you come here.
  • My husband said I have to buy a poop book.
  • Wait, you can take this little poopy thing? (Referring to the poop action figures and whether they’re really free)
  • Where’s the nearest restroom? Oh, it’s right here. (Points at our table)
  • My wife said to me, “If you don’t get me anything else, get me Poop Office!”
  • That’s just not… right.
  • You hilarious as sh– , man! (He said “sh– -”, not the whole word)
  • (Man speaking to his wife) I want a free poop just so I can poop in your bag.
  • (A mom, to us, while buying something for her kid) I don’t get it, but I guess you guys get it.
  • This is really cool (Repeated probably 4 or 5 times)
  • Why is there so much poop?

The winner for “I’m Not Totally Sure What They Meant” goes to the kid that said this:

  • What are you supposed to do anyway?

Finally, the “We’re Not for Sale” award goes to the little girl who said this:

  • I want everything here. Even you guys. Even this table.

Thank you, Long Beach, for a fun show! We’ll see you again real soon.

Up next for us is Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, California May 19 and 20. I hear nothing but good things about this show, so we’re really looking forward to it!

Long Beach Comic Expo 2018 – The West Coast Debut

Now that Poop Office is operating on the west coast, it’s time to do a real west coast convention! This weekend February 17-18, Poop Office makes its west coast debut at the Long Beach Comic Expo. It’s at the beautiful Long Beach Convention Center (Hall A).

We’ll be at table B12 in the Artist Alley section. There’ll be stacks of the new Poop Office collected edition along with tons more plush dolls and catnip toys. We’ve spent the last several weeks cutting and sewing these things, and we’re ready to get rid of them! Please stop by and take some poop off our hands.

See you in Long Beach!

LBCE - Table B12

Review: Dragis the Invincible Man #1

Dragis the Invincible Man #1 cover

I took my first step into the world of comic book criticism and critique this week with my review of Dragis the Invincible #1. This is one of my favorite comic book discoveries in the last several years, originally picking it up at the Baltimore Comic-Con back in 2014. Since then, the creator Jim Bell has released a second issue of Dragis along with issues of other spin-off series. I’m super excited to see what comes next. My only regret is that I probably won’t be able to pick up any future issues in person, since I’m not on the east coast anymore.

I hope this review encourages everyone to go to the Dragis Comics website and buy some copies! Enjoy!

Review: Celebrating Sincerity: Ben Pooped Reviews DRAGIS THE INVINCIBLE MAN #1