Los Angeles Comic Con 2019 Debriefed

Our table at the Los Angeles Comic Con 2019

Everyone told me the Los Angeles Comic Con was one of the big ones in the area, and they were right! The entire supporting cast of the Office was there! We met a lot of people this past weekend and sold plenty of poop. Let’s get right into some highlights!

I got some wonderful photos and a video from one happy customer, Kitty Girl, who received one of our Poop Office catnip toys. Big thanks to her owner, who let us post these!

Kitty Girl the cat enjoying a Poop Office catnip toy

Kitty Girl the cat enjoys her new catnip toy

As usual, people had a lot to say about Poop Office (usually after they were done shaking their heads in disgust). Here are some of the most quotable comments:

  • (Parent tells their young son that our table is “his station.” He shakes his head as he says…) Too poopy. 
  • Is this the epitome of poop jokes?
  • (After paying through the collected editionIs this just non-stop poop puns?
  • I don’t know what’s happening, but it’s great.
  • This poop looks like it’s taking a poop.
  • Yes! Yes! Do you understand? This is my life.
  • Free poop action figure? I don’t think I should touch it.
  • (To his wife) This is a comic book about you.
  • This is not even a metaphor. You walk into work and this is what you see.
  • (Paging through the collected edition) You do not have an office map! Shut up!
  • I don’t know how poop has gotten cool this century. But seriously, we elected it.
  • (Coughs and chokes) I just laughed so hard, I’m choking!
  • What are these poopies? Poopy poo poop poop poo!
  • I’m sorry, what? 
  • This is very very smart.

Our poop is often mistaken for other things, usually food items or Pokemon.

  • Oh, no. That’s not a potato.
  • These are not poop; they’re onions! 
  • (Pointing at one of the catnip toys) That looks like the little 7-Eleven guy. [Ben: I don’t actually know what this means. I must be out-of-touch with current 7-Eleven lore.]

My favorite moment of the convention was not very quotable, but it was very cute. There was one kid who managed to get an advance on her allowance to buy the collected edition. I draw a super nice poop in her copy to make it worth it! I hope she liked the book!

And that’s all I got! Big thanks to everyone who stopped by the table!

This is probably the last convention appearance of Poop Office for 2019. I’ll have some news about new Poop Office comics or merchandise coming soon! I just have to get off my ass and make it.

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