Small Press Expo 2013 Aftermath

My short, nine-day convention season has ended with the conclusion of this weekend’s Small Press Expo. It was as fun and strange as it always is. Saw lots of cool stuff, got Magic Whistle #13 signed by Sam Henderson (one of his funniest issues yet), and met lots of people at my tiny half-table. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and said hello and/or bought some of my stuff!

It was a less quotable convention than some others I’ve been to, but there were some gems:

  • (Parent to child) Don’t fondle the poop!
  • I like the conceit of your comic.
  • Surprisingly funny.
  • I didn’t know there were people who understood my humor.
  • I think this was made for me.
  • (Person next to them chimes in) No, I think it was made for me.
  • After [reading] two pages, I’m sold.

And this year’s winner:

I’ll see you in April 2014 at the Awesome Con D.C.!