Baltimore Comic-Con 2013 Aftermath

The Baltimore Comic-Con was a ton of fun as usual. A big thank you to everyone who stopped by my table and said hello. Now enjoy some choice quotes from this year:

  • I work with people who look like that.
  • I’m so done.
  • Gross.
  • My dog sleeps with the poop [that I bought from you last year]. It’s the only poop I won’t yell at him for leaving.
  • You had me at “poop.”
  • I can’t even process this.
  • (Speaking on cell phone) Where are you? We’re right by Poop Office. Yes, Poop Office. No, Poop Office.
  • This is stinking amazing.
  • Ick.
  • Thank you for sharing your poop with me.
  • I was told to come here and pick up poop.
  • This is surprisingly interesting.
  • Much better than Dilbert.
  • My favorite type of office is a poop office.
  • That shit feels good.
  • That’s so gross. Why are they cute?
  • I want me some poop!
  • Really?
  • This is the crappiest toy alive.
  • Well, that stinks.
  • Psht.

And the winner this year:

  • Who’s idea was this? I’d like to slap him!

Bonus – Overheard at the convention (but not at my table):

  • Little girl: Excuse me.
    Another person: Oh, you’re not in the way.
    Little girl: No, I said “excuse me” because I farted.

See you next year for Baltimore’s first THREE DAY CON!

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