Conventions Aftermath!

It took me a week to recover from this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con and Small Press Expo. They were a ton of fun, and I want to thank everyone I got to meet over those two weekends!

Here are my favorite lines overheard at my table:

  • Daddy, I need to go potty!
  • It’s really come down to this, eh?
  • I am so confused!
  • Did you make this? You are a beautiful person!
  • I love poop!
  • Ah, this is messed up.
  • It’s like my daily life.
  • If someone’s gonna invest time into drawing a poop comic…
  • I love the originality.
  • Eww! That’s gross!
  • That is, like, the best idea ever!
  • Poop is a bad word.
  • This looks very silly.
  • That is the most adorable hunk of shit I’ve ever seen.
  • Delightfully low brow. My favorite!
  • I don’t know if I have the stomach for it. I hadn’t thought my sensibilities were that delicate.
  • [To his friend] Oh, is that the thing you were talking about?
  • I don’t think my wife’s gonna let me put that [poop plush doll] on the couch.
  • You guys are so inappropriate.
  • Have a poopy day. For you that’s a good thing.
  • I want to be mature and say I don’t like this.
  • You young people have a sick sense of humor.
  • This is my favorite thing here.

2 Replies to “Conventions Aftermath!”

  1. Marc Lombardi

    My favorite Poop Office moment this year was running into my friend Derek, who proudly showed me a Poop “action figure” he had. And my immediate reaction was “Oh! Cool! You met Ben!”


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