Small Press Expo 2011 Aftermath

A big and crowded thank you to everyone who came to see me this past weekend at

Like I did for the Baltimore Comic-Con,

here are some choice comments from around my table!

– This is the best day of my life.

– Seriously?

– So much poop!

– It takes a lot of balls to write a comic about turds.

– It’s good to see people writing some good shit out there.

– Why would we spend money on that?

– Your parents aren’t going to be mad that I let you buy a plush poop, will they?

– I have to have this.

– Can I have one of your poops?

– Nice penis.

– I’ve got an odd fascination…fecenation?

– It’s poop! (To her husband) That’s a lot more solid than yours.

– It’s horrifying, but I like it at the same time.

– This is great. It makes so much sense.

– (Overheard while leaving the show)  Hey, did you guys see Poop Office?

A feast of poop!

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