Awesome Con D.C. 2014 Aftermath

Awesome Con

This past weekend’s Awesome Con in Washington DC was a fantastic show! It was great to meet people in the nation’s capital and introduce them to the wonders of Poop Office. Also, I got to see Cary Elwes behind a curtain from far away! I didn’t have to wait in line or nothing!

Here are some fun quotes overheard at my table this year:

  • [Speaking to her child] Let’s go.
  • As soon as I heard the word “poop” it changed my life.
  • Do they poop humans? Because I just learned where babies come from and I don’t like it!
  • I can’t decide if this is brilliant or horrible.
  • The disgustingness drew me in.
  • [To child] Read this comic. This is what office life is like. That really happens!
  • [Looking at cover to issue #4] Hopefully that’s lemonade.
  • I want a poop plushie, but my parents won’t let me! [Later came back and got one]
  • What’s “2 Girls 1 Mug”? I don’t get it.
  • Do you ever regret making your comic about poop?
  • Oh look, there’s urine in that water cooler.
  • [Speaking on a cell phone] Yeah, I’m over here at the poop table.
  • Can you make [a comic] about Congress?

Awesome Con DC 2014 Table