200th Comic Strip Celebration (plus a new comic strip logo)!!

It’s 2017, so I thought it was time to make a change. I never really had any kind of name or branding for my comic strips, just referring to them as “comic strips.” But I’ve decided they’re no longer just generic comic strips. From this point forward, they will be known as…

Sticks Figure Comic Strips

If that wasn’t amazing enough, I also just finished drawing my 200th comic strip. Er, I mean my 200th Sticks Figure comic strip! I wanted to do something special for such an important milestone, so I drew a sequel to one of my first comics ever — Hammer: King of the Metal Tools, a thrilling, organized crime drama set in a world where people are tools and, instead of flesh, their skin is made out of metal, like tools are. The first comic came out in 1999. I’d always intended it to be a series, but I got distracted. Before we get to Hammer: King of the Metal Tools #2, let’s refresh your memory by looking at the original:

Hammer: King of the Metal Tools #1

Want to know what happens next? You’re in luck! Instead of waiting 17 years like people in 1999 had to, you can just scroll down a little bit more. Go on! Scroll!

Hammer: King of the Metal Tools #2

What a cliffhanger! What’s going to happen to their little screwdriver kid? And is Hammer going to let Saw get away with not paying him what he’s owed? Will Wrench ever forgive her husband for bringing this chaos into their home? All these questions and more may be answered in the next episode of Hammer: King of the Metal Tools, tentatively scheduled for release in 2034.