Awesome Con DC 2015 Aftermath!

Awesome Con

We had a fantastic time at Awesome Con DC this past weekend! It was great meeting everyone and spreading our poop around such a beautiful city.

Following my regular post-convention tradition, here are some funny things that were said at the Poop Office table:

  • What the fuck?! Really?! Oh, you guys again! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!
  • (Looking at a poop plush) Child: Why is he sad? Mom: Because he doesn’t like his job.
  • You are the best trollers since trolling began.
  • I’ve never said “aww” about poop before.
  • (Touches poop plush) That’s the softest poop I’ve ever felt.
  • (Points at two poop plushes placed behind a smaller catnip toy) It’s a poop family!
  • We poop all day and we party all night!
  • I don’t get the poop thing. (The premise is explained to them) Okay, that makes sense.
  • Mom (reading the slogan on our T-shirt): “Do you think your job stinks?” Child: No, I think your job stinks!
  • (Referring to our poop action figures, which look like but are not candy) I was gonna eat poop.
  • Why?
  • You must work for the government.
  • I wanna drop a turd in my boss’s office.
  • That’s gross. It’s beautiful, though.
  • Wait, that’s a toilet?
  • I’m not paying for poop.
  • (Looks at the table for a while) Eh! (Leaves quickly)
  • *I don’t have the exact quote, but someone explained to me why anal sex is gross (answer: the poop)*
And the winner for best line from Awesome Con goes to…
  • (Gestures to a Poop Office comic book) They’re made of molecules. Everything is made of molecules. Even paper, trees, if you look really close, it’s made of molecules.
 Later this month we’re going to be appearing in Artist Alley at HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina (June 19-21), so if you’re in the area, stop by and see us! Just look for the giant Poop Office signs.

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