8-Panel Epics #1 available DRM-free or from Amazon and Comixology!

8-Panel Epics #1 is now available in a high resolution, downloadable format! Visit my Store page or just click on one of the links below. I’m selling it directly for whatever price you want to pay. It’s DRM-free, too! Or if you prefer to buy it from Amazon or Comixology, it’s only $1.

And don’t forget that Poop Office #1 is also available digitally and in color!

8-Panel Epics #1
– Reprints all of the 8-Panel Epic adventures (as of the end of 2012)
– Available in high resolution for the first time ever!
– $0.99 from two different digital platforms (Amazon and Comixology)
– Or name-your-own-price for a DRM-free version!

Available from: