Baltimore Comic-Con 2014 Aftermath!

Hey, check out this crappy photo I took of my table with my iPad. The camera on this thing sucks.

Baltimore Comic-Con table

But y’know what didn’t suck? This year’s Baltimore Comic-Con! It was bigger and longer than ever! I got to meet a lot of really nice folks and see some old friends. I also bought some comics and met Joel from MST3K. He was sitting next to Chewbacca.

Some interesting things were also said at my table. Here’s a list of the best:

  • Adorbs!
  • I love Poop Office.  So does everybody in my office!
  • This piqued my interest for some reason.  I’m concerned about myself.
  • You seem like the right one to ask: Where are the bathrooms?
  • I feel weird holding a poop in my hand.
  • You guys are disturbed. But I like it.
  • This has been the talk of the town all day.
  • My son loves his doodie
  • [To her friend after pointing at Poopina on the cover of issue #2] That’s you!
  • That’s ingenious and disgusting.
  • [Choosing a button to buy] I’ll take the one with the penis.
  • Child: This is the best thing I’ve seen in my entire life.
    Mom: You’re young.
  • Child: Mom, would you like a [poop] action figure?
    Mom: I can make my own myself, thanks.
  • [Buys his wife a poop button] Don’t say I never bought you shit!
  • Why can’t I have an action figure in the bathroom?
    [His girlfriend responds] You make plenty of action figures in the bathroom.
  • I’m so glad that this exists.
  • I think this is the best thing I’ve seen here today.
  • I can’t wait to tell everyone!
  • I can’t stand it. I’m in love.
  • [To her kids] No Poop Office, c’mon!
  • Here’s Poop Office! [To his friend] Huh, I thought this was something you were making up.
  • Oh my god… [more distressed] Oh my god… [minute or two later] Oh my god…This is really interesting.
  • Mom, are you having fun smelling the poop?

And the winner for best thing said at my table at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con goes to something that was said to my editor-girlfriend who was sitting next to me at the table and helps me sell poop stuff…

Not to offend you or anything, but you have the most masculine handshake of any woman I’ve met today.

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